Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hand-Picking in Los Angeles

Well I was out hand-picked corals/fish/inverts last Thursday-Saturday. Every 3 weeks I travel to LA to hand-pick livestock. I have been doing this for many years and always pick up many unique items that I would not otherwise have available for our customers.

I fly in and immediately head to the wholesalers/importers. In case you did not know most of the livestock enters the US through LA and is then distributed throughout the country. After dealing with the importers for so long I know the days they get their shipments and the precise time to be there to get the first picks as they unpack. While I see an amazing array of livestock, there is only a small percentage of really cherry pieces. I get into 6-8 different importers, each has their specialty. Some get great Acropora, another has really awesome Euphyllia, and yet another gets super nice leather corals, etc. So, after years of dealing with the different importers I know where and when to go and what to get at each. Beside the corals and fish I hand-pick in LA, we also directly import livestock from several locations and also grow many of our own corals in our coral farming facility. We offer the widest variety of corals.

Watch for photos from my next hand-picking trip scheduled the first week of December.