Sunday, December 28, 2008

Conservation and Educational Activities

Over the last 40 years of involvement in this hobby and industry I have heard many hobbyists and businesses talk about saving the reefs or whining about how this hobby is causing "raping" of the reefs. Generally, this talk is never backed up with actions that matter. In contrast, we at Pacific East Aquaculture have invested in reef conservation, regional economic development, and education that make a real difference.

Several years ago I invested many hours and thousands of dollars in our Solomon Island coral farming project. You may read more about that project here:

Our project accounts for the sole source of income to local coral farmers and also provides a sustainable supply of desirable corals to our hobby.

On an ongoing basis we sponsor local students, school projects, and tours with education about reefs and conservation. We also have several graduate students that intern at our facility working on research pojects related to coral propagation and conervation.