Sunday, January 18, 2009

Limited Edition Corals

We offer the widest variety of corals available anywhere including a huge selection of our Collector's Reserve Limited Edition Corals. We proudly feature the corals of Jason Fox, our own LE frags, and LE frags from other local coral farmers.

1. What makes a coral "Limited Edition"?
For us it means these corals were acquired by us as captive grown frags and grown into colonies or were collected personally by us at the origin and then brought back and grown into colonies, a process in many instances that has taken many years. We have been acquiring and growing these corals for many years and just recently added them for sale on our site. These corals are unique and we house them at a separate location. We take a very limited number of frags from the parent colonies, for some of the slower growing chalices we only offer 1 or 2 frags for sale each year. All of these corals have been grown in captivity and many have been grown for multiple generations in captivity.

2. How do you grow these corals?
Our Limited Edition corals are grown under 1000 watt metal halide lamps (on light movers) or 400 watt metal halide lamps with rapid alternating water flow. We strongly promote the use of natural saltwater parameters for the proper growth of our corals along with intense light levels for most corals. You will note the individual conditions recommended for each coral.

3. Why don't all the frags look exactly like the parent colonies?
The parent colonies have been grown for years in one spot in the systems and when we take frags they are housed in the same system water but in a frag tank and often for a period of time some types of frags will in fact change color, not all types--just some. This is a natural fact of the process of captive propagation of these corals. Our Blue Monster Echinopora parent colony is bright blue with a pink rim, often the frags tend to brown out a bit when first cut. With intense lighting and natural saltwater parameters the frags color up in a few weeks. This same process holds true for most of the Acropora frags. These frags should be looked at as seed stock, the type of corals that you intend to grow for years in your tank and all corals regardless of their origin will change color and growth patterns depending upon each individual system. Often folks will contact us that their frags are actually more colorful than our parent colonies after some time in their systems. Every coral will react differently as it adapts to your husbandry and tank conditions and this is part of the fun of reefkeeping and collecting Limited Edition corals.

Parent colonies of Blue Monster Scroll Echinopora, Fireball Monti cap and Green Monti cap.

Parent colonies of Palys and Zoos

Parent colony of Green Goddess Bird's Nest

Parent colony of our Glowing Green Tabling Acropora

Parent colony of our Joker's Wild Chalice