Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pieces Of The Reef--A Pacific East Aquaculture Exclusive Creation

Our Pieces Of The Reef are unique cultured corals we offer for sale. We developed the idea for Pieces Of The Reef a couple of years ago following our adventures in coral farming in the Solomon Islands. You can read more about the inspiration behind Pieces Of The Reef here:

We offer two different sizes, our mini Pieces Of The Reef are typically about 3 inches and our full sized Pieces Of The Reef are about 5-7 inches in length. Each Piece Of The Reef is like a chunk of the real reef. They are pieces of cured live rock that have several cultured corals attached and every one is totally unique.

In the case of our SPS coral, mushroom, soft polyp, and zoanthid Pieces Of The Reef the corals will fully encrust the rock. Our LPS coral Pieces Of The Reef have the corals secured to the rock with super glue and the corals grow upward rather than encrusting the base of the rock.

Pieces Of The Reef are a great addition to any reef aquarium, they are especially nice for nano tanks as you can add just a few small rocks that serve as a base and then stack Pieces Of The Reef on top of this base and immediately achieve the look of a fully established reef. Pieces Of The Reef are economical, instead of buying lots of small frags you can get a Piece Of The Reef and skip all the messy glue work.