Thursday, October 15, 2009

Setting Up Our New Display Tank

Things have been busy at Pacific East Aquaculture lately. MACNA has come and gone and we are moving into the hectic fall season. This week we have been working on setting up a replacement display tank. We had a 215 gallon display set up in the front of our shop for almost 5 years, which cracked overflow to overflow in the middle of the night a couple of months back. Those of you that have had tanks fail know exactly how much fun that was. The replacement tank is a slightly smaller 210 All-Glass dual MegaFlow. Same footprint as before, just a tad shorter.

Setup was fairly uneventful. We only knocked one piece of molding off the wall, and that's easily replaced. Rock is in and has been rearranged half a dozen times.

Water's added, only one minor leak from an old fitting. So far so good. Plus we managed an awesome hitchhiker. Found him swimming around the new tank this morning. Shot's a bit blury but he's a fast little guy. Check him out!
The tank will need a little time to cycle of course, and we still need to get some sand in there. Expect updates as we move forward with it.